Tecma Tecnologia

Environmental Analysis

Laboratory Analysis

The laboratory of TECMA is specifically facing in the environmental market and has accreditation by INMETRO (CRL 0200) by ISO / IEC 17025 and accredited by the INEA (IN 00298).

  - Biology Laboratory:
This sector is responsible for conducting monitoring activities in aquatic environments through the study of indicator organisms (phytoplankton, zooplankton, benthos and plankton) and the physical and chemical characteristics of the environment.

Ready to perform the services, the sector is composed of a team of technicians and collectors trained to perform the field sampling and laboratory analyzes.

- Microbiology Laboratory
In laboratory applications are made tests for determining conditions for drinking and bathing water or natural water systems.

 - Laboratory Toxicity
Sector where tests are applied to living aquatic organisms to detect the toxicity of wastewater contaminated with toxic agents.

 - Physical-Chemical Laboratory
New technologies for environmental preservation. This is a major feature of this lab, which develops the major innovations in the area.
Perfectly equipped to perform analyzes of air emissions, water, industrial water, sewage, industrial and municipal solid waste, industrial waste and odor control, using standard methods of analysis and gravimetric techniques, colorimetric and titulométricas, and analyzes using atomic absorption.